Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hauntingly Beautiful Grave Markers

Die, Base, and Cap
This Grave marker is known as a Die, Base, and Cap, this is beautiful creation was found in ST. Patrick's Catholic Church cemetery.  The reason it is identified as such is that it possesses a marble base with a large stone placed on top containing a cap, or lid.
 Reverend Joseph L. Obrien, 1929-1952, lies here.

Die on a Socket

A Die on a socket is a marble or granite base with a large stone placed on top of it. This is found in Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul's Cemetery. It belongs to Frances Adams Simonds, 1913-2012.


This gorgeous grave marker is found in the cemetery of the Cathedral church of St. Luke and St. Paul's and is known as a Cross. The grave marker is known as a cross because it presents a cross on display. This belongs to Juliana Hazlehurst, 1832-1856.

Ledger is a thick slab of stone covering the entire grave. These types of markers were thought of to hold in the spirit so they couldn't haunt anyone. The last name of the person that lies here is Heriose and the dates could not be made out because of the fading. This ledger can be found in the cemetery of the Cathedral church.
Classic Headstone

This marker is found in St. Patrick Catholic Church cemetery and belongs to George Hughes. This is the classic headstone, this is because it is all one piece, these markers are the most common.

Box Tomb

This Box tomb is located in the Cathedral Church, it is a box tomb because it is a rectangular box with a large ledger stone on top. Benjamin S. Grimke died at the age of 27, lies within this tomb.


This grand grave marker is known as an obelisk because it is a long, tall, four-sided shaft of stone. This obelisk is located in the Cathedral church cemetery. Husband and wife are buried beneath it, Joseph Gibbes, died September 16th, and Amelia Gibbes died in September of 1866.

Grass Marker

This is known as a Grass marker because it is small and has little room for epitaphs or information. Grass markers are one of the most common markers today. This marker only allowed enough room to inform us that Lila Pickens is buried here and that she died February 7, 1942. This marker can be found in the Cathedral church cemetery.

Pedestal Tomb

Stretching high into the sky this pedestal tomb can be found in the cemetery of the cathedral church. It holds the information for T.G. Simons Jr., 1820-1853. It is engraved on all four sides and reads, "My second morn, shall dawn brighter than the first." Its large platform base, holding a tall shaft or column is the reason this is classified as a pedestal tomb.


This hauntingly beautiful mausoleum is found within the cemetery at the Cathedral church. it is a large building or structure housing six or more tombs inside making is a mausoleum.  It comes with two steel doors and holds no inscriptions what so ever. The family that is held inside, not to be known to the world.

During this visit I came across a beauty I have never seen before. To imagine the time and energy put into some of these grave markers is astounding. The pure love and gratitude the families had for their loved ones and to be able to honor them in such a grand way must have been so fulfilling. I never thought, before now, that something so gorgeous could be found in a place of such sorrow and grief.

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